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Vintage Graflex Super Graphic Field Camera - BUNDLE - SUPER NICE
eBay Excellent Condition. Very well taken care of. Everything works as it should.Only issue found is top of box is slightly warped. This can be seen in first and last picture.If you have any questions please ask. Stark Industrial Sales What We Do: Sell items for businesses owners or people who do not have the time or knowledge to sell things on eBa ...  More
Vintage FOLMER GRAFLEX 4 X 5 Speed Graphic Camera & No.2 Kodak Supermatic Lens
eBay Here is a Vintage FOLMER GRAFLEX 4 X 5 Speed Graphic Camera & No.2 Kodak Supermatic Lens in good shape as pictured.Folmer was a division of Kodak. Speed Graphics saw action from the Red Carpet of Hollywood to the Frontlines of WW2.Camera's manufacturer plate marked:SPEED GRAPHICMfgd. ByTHE FOLMER GRAFLEX CORPORATIONROCHESTER, NY USACamera ...  More
Vintage Speed Graphic Special Folding Camera  [GRAFLEX}  Excellent Condition
eBay FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION THIS SPEED GRAPHICS {GRAFLEX} Camera is in excellent it has all the Bells and Whistels , IT HAS ITS FLASHER ,LEATHER CASE AND,FOTAC FILM HOLDERS 6 OF THEM ILL Answer all QUESTIONS. high bidder to pay 45.00
1942 US Army Speed Graphic (PH-47-E) with Haliburton Casem
eBay 1942 US Army Speed Graphic PH-47-E. In very Good condition. The ground glass needs to be adjusted to be in sync with Range Finder. The track stops have to be removed and bellows moved to sync with ground glass. The Rangefinder works, the glass is clear, no haze, fungus or separation. The Focal plane works, there are some wrinkles, but it trave ...  More

Graflex Crown Graphic Special 4X5 camera w Schneider Xenar 135mm f4.7 lens EXC
eBay Graflex Crown Graphic Special 4X5 camera with Schneider Xenar 135mm f4.7 lens in Synchro-Compur P 1-500 shutter offered for auction. This is a very fine Crown Graphic, all the movements are secure. The focusing screen is a bright fresnel screen. The hardware is pristine, with no dents. Note the Graflok back, and removable fold out focusing hoo ...  More
eBay This camera belonged to my grandfather and i am 72 years old so i would judge this camera to be from the early 1900's. If you are knowledgeable about antique cameras and if i am wrong i do not take offense to messages correcting me. It appears to be in very good condition . I would have no knowledge to state whether is is working or not but se ...  More
Graflex Crown Speed Graphic Camera leather strap
eBay Graflex 4X5 Film holders Click image to enlarge Description Graflex Crown Speed Graphic Camera Leather Strap * Length from top of leather to bottom of metal clip: 7 inches * Width: 1 inch ** Click on photos for closer examination ** Please ask questions before bidding. * Thank you for your interest. Get images thatmake Supersized seem small. T ...  More
Graflex 4x5 Crown Graphic Camera Outfit Ektar lens
eBay GENUINE Graflex Crown Graphic 4x5 Camera with KODAK Ektar 127mm f4.7 Setup Lot Early 1900s see pics for the condition of the camera the shutter has a three-way open box seems fine as far as used goes did not use did not try all parts seem to be here untested on all The camera itself seems all mechanically there it does have corrosion and leath ...  More

Graflex Crown Speed Graphic Camera viewfinder

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