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Graflex Precision Made Stereo Graphic 3-D Camera with Box, Flash, Case
eBay This is a Precision stereo graphic 3-D camera with depthmaster auto-focus. It was made by Graflex in Rochester, N.Y. It has the box, case, flash, and instruction book. Great camera! The box measures 14 1/2" by 8" by 4". Priority shipping weight is 6 lbs. We try to ship within 3 days of receiving your cleared payment. Thank you for looking! Ple ...  More
Graflex Top Grain Leather Green Vintage Camera Case Large Reflex Custom USA
eBay Reflex Custom Case. Graflex Top Grain Leather Vintage Camera Green Case. Approx 10 1/4" x 8 1/2" x 5 1/4" Lined with maroon courdura material.Scuffs, scratches, rubbing. Seam at one corner of lid is split. Owner's name on underside of lid. 033116_EL
eBay Kin-Dar Stereo 3-D 35mm Film Camera Designed by Seton Rochwite of REALIST Buyoldstuff is happy to offer this neat working, clean and tested, vintage circa 1954 Kin-Dar 1950s stereo camera PACKAGE!!! IT INCLUDES: This package includes the original Kin-Dar camera, Kin-Dar flash with originl box and extra reflector, original case and box for case ...  More
EIKO Bulb for Vintage Realist Kodaslide Revere Graflex TDC Stereo Viewers
eBay Description: Eiko Certified Green Bulb #222. This bulb is perfect for vintage cameras, viewers, stereo photography, toy restoration, flashlights/penlights and more. These bulbs are often found in toys, flash lights, pen lights and other battery powered applications. Specifications are: TL3 Lens End Bulb E10 miniature Screw Base Nickel Coated B ...  More

Super Clean Graflex Stereo Graphic 35mm Stereo Film Camera
eBay Super clean Graflex Stereo Graphic 35mm Stereo Film Camera in excellent condition. I've never used this camera, although I've owned it for several years. One could create 3D Slides and cool B&W stereographs. f4 Graflar lens. Comes with leather case as shownPlease message me with questions
3 Replacement Bulbs for Vintage Stereo Viewers Realist Kodaslide Graflex TDC ++
eBay 3- Replacement Bulbs for Vintage Stereo Viewers Realist Kodaslide Revere Graflex TDC ____________________________________________________________________ This listing is for THREE (3) 245 2.5 Volt miniature incandescent light bulb with an E10 screw base. These bulbs fit many lighted stereo slide viewers, 35mm slide viewers, View-Masters, light ...  More
Graflex Stereo Graphic 35mm 3D Slide Camera f4 Graflar lens stereographic
eBay Item Description: Graflex Stereo Graphic 35mm 3D Slide Camera twin f4 35mm Graflar lenses The Stereo Graphic is a 35mm stereo camera made from 1955-1960. This great camera shows only slight signs of use! Uses 35 slide film & 2 lenses to take a pair of 24 x 23 mm images. Viewing these images in a 3-D slide viewer creates a realistic 3D imag ...  More