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LED bulb Super bright 3V screw base (E10) for viewers (Realist, View-Master etc)
eBay For the Stereo Photographer & Collector Super bright 3V screw base LED bulb (E10) for vintage viewers This bulb will work with most viewers that use a screw base bulb and will provide very bright light with daylight temperature Some examples: Realist red button, View-Master, Revere/Wollensak, TDC, etc. All you need to do is remove the old ...  More
Film Cutter, DrT's favorite! Cuts 35mm & MF film! - Compact lightweight easy use
eBay Used and recommended by DrT! Film Cutter - Perfect for Stereo - All Formats! NEW Both 35mm (includes Realist format) and Medium Format As some of you know, I shoot more than 100 rolls of slide film (all stereo!) a year and I cut and mount all my slides in standard stereo mounts. Considering how much time I spend cutting and mounting stereo sli ...  More
Box of 50 RBT Mounts for Realist format Stereo Slides (5p) - also Kodak, Revere
eBay For Accurate & Fast Stereo Slide Mounting Box of 50 RBT Mounts for Realist format Stereo Slides (5p) Also, for other stereo cameras that follow the Stereo Realist format: Kodak stereo, Revere/Wollensak, TDC, and all American-made stereo cameras from the 1950s. (other sizes are also available in my ebay store) Click here for instructions: R ...  More
Inexpensive Radex 3-D Stereo Realist slide viewer for stereo slides
eBay RADEX, made in the USA Inexpensive stereo slide viewer Who says that stereo has to be expensive? In 1988 I got started in stereo photography with a $85 Stereo Realist 3.5 and a viewer like this one . Of course, since then I have spent thousands of dollars for stereo equipment... including some very expensive stereo slide viewers! Still, this v ...  More

Rare Thomas R W Stereo Half Plate Camera Dallmeyer Lenses Mahogany Brass c. 1875
eBay Be sure to add me to your list of favorite sellers! This autumn I will be selling some very interesting and rare stereo cameras and microscopes!!! See my other items RARE WET / DRY PLATE VERY EARLY TAILBOARD STEREO CAMERA THOMAS R. W. STEREO HALF PLATE circa 1870 - 75 Extremely rare l arge size Victorian era wet / dry plate tailboard mahogany ...  More
PanaVista Panoramic 3D stereo viewer - must see!
eBay Nice vintage Photo Item PanaVista Panoramic Stereo 3D Slide Viewer Makes a great 3D gift! This is an interesting stereo product. It consists of the following: Pana-Vista folding stereo slide viewer One panoramic sample slide One empty frame to mount your own stereo slide As you can see above, the viewer can fold to a very compact package. The ...  More
Stereo Realist Camera BOOK by DrT - Everything you need to know and MORE!
eBay The New Stereo Realist Reference By George Themelis (a.k.a. DrT) Over 230 pictures in 125 pages, covering: How to Use the Realist Different Realist Models Realist Accessories and Techniques How to Repair the Realist Unique Realist Modifications Plus... Basic Photographic Concepts Requirements for Stereo Photography Mounting, Viewing, Projectio ...  More
25 Archival Realist 3D Stereo Slide Storage Pages For Storing up to 250 Slides!
eBay 25 Stereo 3D Realist Slide Storage Pages - Each Holds 10 slides per page = 250 Total! ________________________________________________________ This listing is for 25 brand new Realist format slide storage pages that will hold 250 slides! (No slides are included) I have taken and collected Realist format slides for over 30 years and this is the ...  More

Box of 50 RBT Mounts for Full frame Stereo 3d Slides (8p, 33mm wide)
25 Stereo Realist Archival Slide storage Pages for storing 250 slides - nice!!
Box of 50 RBT Mounts for European format Stereo Slides (7p) Verascope, Belplasca
3D Stereo & Slide Viewer Light Bulb Lamp 2.5V E10 #245 G3.5 Realist Flashlight

1910 Mignon Pocket Stereoscope In Original Box * World's Smallest * w/ 7 Slides
12 in Twin camera bar w/sliding platforms - lightweight - 3d stereo photography
KODAK Kodaslide stereo slide Viewer BOOK by DrT
Depth of field scale for Stereo Realist 3.5 camera - NEW!

Polarizers for View-Master Stereomatic 500 3D Projector NEW
DrT's HyperBar - Hyperstereo 3d photography - 36 inches long & lightweight!
Folding stereo 3d stereoscopic viewer & 12 stereoviews
3 Replacement Bulbs for Vintage Stereo Viewers Realist Kodaslide Graflex TDC ++