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Lot (12) 8mm Home Movies 1950s & 60's - Includes Case and Catalog of Films
I have not run this film. Picked up at an estate sale in south central PA near Gettysburg. Includes 12 metal reels (6") 12 Metal Cans (6") 1 case that holds the cans 1 catalog book details what is recorded on each of the twevle reels of film Looks mostly like family and vacation shots in the Pennsylvania area ranging 1955 to 1968.
16mm Film Cartoon----CAP'N CUB---Brownie Bear---WWII Cartoon----B/W
CAP'N CUB---Brownie Bear Cartoon---1940's WWII Cartoon----Animals vs Animals----400' Black and White----Official Films Release------16mm Beautiful Original Print
Vintage Polaroid Type 107 3000 Speed Black & White Land Pack Film
Vintage Polaroid Type 107 3000 Speed Black & White Land Pack Film Unused in Original Box.
This looks to be in good condition however sold as-is due to age. Buzzin Around with Fatty Arbuckle.

Lot of 3 Kodak Professional SO 392 Color Negative Film 100 ft Roll, Exp 2009
Up for auction is a Lot of 3 Kodak Professional Color Negative Film, SO-392, Process C-41, 35mm x 30.5 m x 100 feet, Sp 762, not perforated. Film is dated 02/09 and comes in original tin within original box. Boxes are unopened. Please review my refund policy (see return details) and the shipping charges before placing a bid. I am an individual sell ...  More
7-8mm FAMILY FILM from 1943-1947 with boxes//2 without boxes//1-16mm//metal reel
7-8mm FAMILY FILMS with boxes2-8mm FAMILY FILMS without boxes1-16mm FAMILY FILM--Wianiea Canyon, banana tree, Moncloa park, Kauioi (?), monkey pod tree.--Dec. 1944 sent to Capt. g. z. C---------all are from 1943-1947ALL film is in very good conditionSome of the reels are full, some partially filled.See what they wore in the 1940's, what they drove, ...  More
Lot of 3 Kodak Vision 3 Empty Film Tins 7"
Lot of 3 Kodak Vision 3 Empty Film Tins 7"
5 (five) Vintage Kodak Kodachrome home movie Double 8mm films
Lot of four Double 8mm vintage home movies. One Colorcade brand color movie film. Two boxes are still sealed and one film canister is taped shut! Please see pictures as they are part of the description. Kept in a smoke free environment. One has a mailing address from Baltimore, MD.

Lot of 2 (two) Vintage Reels 1980's home movies unviewed
Set of two 8mm Home Movie vintage from 1940 or earlier

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