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VINTAGE Late 1950's BROWNIE 8mm Movie Camera Model 2 No. 77 BY Kodak w/ BOX
Vintage Brownie Movie Camera model 2 No. 77. Box damaged condition
Vintage KODAK 828 Bantam Roll Film Empty Metal Film Canisters + 2" Tin LOT OF 7
This is a set of 6 empty metal film canisters from Kodak's 828 film + 1 2" Kodak Tin VERY CLEAN no dents
Reel 1 ARGENTINE NIGHTS (1940) Ritz Bros/Andrew Sisters
Hello. Up for sale is Reel #1 (1200 feet) of the 1940 Universal film, Argentine Nights, starring The Ritz Brothers and The Andrew Sisters. One of the co-stars is a very young George Reeves, speaking in a South American accent. Good condition with lots of wear lines, excellent sound. Complete from start to finish. Three or four splices throughout, n ...  More
16mm Universal Short: Stranger Than Fiction (1930s)
Hello. Up for sale is a rare 16mm Universal Short Feature from the late 1930s titled, Stranger Than Fiction. Good condition with heavy wear lines (someone loved playing this film), no vinegar odor. The film is missing most of its title, although there are about 12 frames of the opening title that can be spliced on if you so desire. Other than that, ...  More

Superb 3800ft 16mm Count of Monte Cristo (1975)
Hello. Up for sale is the full-length 16mm feature film (TV Version), The Count of Monte Cristo, starring Richard Chamberlain, Louis Jordan, Tony Curtis and Donald Pleasence. This original 1975 release is in excellent condition, superb picture, great sound, no vinegar odor. The print, produced by the RANK corporation, comes in the two original 2000 ...  More
Terrific 900ft 16mm Home Movies - most from the 1920s
Hello. Up for sale is 900 feet of 16mm b&w Home Movies (no sound). Excellent condition with terrific images and no vinegar odor. The film comes mounted on an 800-foot reel with a smaller inner core which is why 900 feet of film fits. Except for about 50 feet of film shot between 1932 and 1933, all of this footage was shot in the 1920s. This fil ...  More
SUPERB 16mm AUTO STUNT SHOW: Pinellas Park, 1939
Hello. Up for sale is about 75 feet of 16mm Kodachrome (silent) home movies. Excellent condition with near mint images and beautiful color. Great focus throughout. The edge code dates this film to 1939. No splices, no vinegar odor. At 18fps, there is 2:25 of footage. The film comes mounted on a 100-foot reel. This film has never been copied. It is ...  More
16mm b&w College binge-drinking fight songs with lyrics
Hello. Up for sale is a 300-foot 16mm b&w Castle Film titled Lets Sing a College Song. The film is in excellent condition with great sound, no vinegar odor. A bit of browning on the edges at the start, and although the final song comes to an end, there is no end title. The film comes mounted on a core. Click this link to view more screenshots: ...  More

16mm Red Cross film stars CBS's Sam Donaldson (1962)
c1930 Castle Headline Editn. Film AMERICA'S HIGH SPOTS Eastman Safety 8mm in Box

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