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Antique Brass Large Camera Lens Voightlander & Sohn Wien Braunschweig No 20135
You are bidding on an antique brass camera lens marked No 20135 Voightlander & Sohn, Wien Braunschweig. It measures almost 5 1/4 tall and is almost 2 3/4 across the widest end of the lens. The glass part of the lens is almost 2 across. It seems to me to be in great condition, but Ill admit I know nothing about antique lenses. Still this one has ...  More
Vintage c1890 ~ "Lancaster's Patent" Rotary Shutter
This "Lancaster's Patent" rotary Shutter is in "as found" condition and have not been repaired or restored. The shutter is impressed with "Lancaster's Patent". This example has an elaborately shaped cut-out which is designed to give extra exposure to the foreground. Unfortunately, the shutter is missing it's spring and holder just above the trigger ...  More
Vintage ~ "Aldis Anastigmat Patent No.2" Lens and Mounting Ring #13
This "Aldis Anastigmat Patent No.2" lens and mounting ring are in "as found" condition and have not been repaired or restored. The iris opens and closes fine when the aperture ring is moved. The lens is marked "Aldis Anastigmat Patent No.2, No. 5053". I can't find any major scratches to the glass, however, it appears dusty and dirty and would requi ...  More
Large format Kodak Aero Ektar 12" f:2.5 9x9 Aerial Camera Lens vintage WW2 USA
Huge old Aerial photography lens Kodak Aero-Ektar f:2.5 12 inch 305mm 9x9 EMI220 Made in U.S.A as pictured there is a small fungus bloom on one element no scratches to lenses, some dust internally there is no iris (diaphragm) on this lens overall size approx. 16cm x 16cm, main barrel 5.5 inches diameter weight approx. 5.5kg / 12 lbs i have another ...  More

Large Ross London 20" f:6.3 Xpres Aerial Camera Lens Military vintage WW2 RAF
Huge old Aerial photography lens Ross of London 20 inch f/6.3 Xpress EMI Made in England, Ministry ref: 14A/4466 Serial no. 92354 with broad arrow (crowsfoot) Government Issue mark as pictured in very good external condition no scratches to lenses some dust / fungus / coating wear visible internally aperture operates smoothly and correctly overall ...  More
Vintage ~ "Ross" "Goerz Patent Double Anastigmat" Lens & Mounting Ring #4
This "Ross of London" "Goerz Patent" brass lens and mouting ring are in "as found" condition and have not been repaired or restored. The lens is clearly marked "Ross, London" "Goerz Patent 5In Double Anastigmat F:7.7, No. 1314". The diaphragm opens and closes well when the lever is moved. The lens has retained much of its lacquer finish and origina ...  More
2 x Vintage ~ Lenses & Shutters "Beck Symmetrical", "Challenge" & "Unicum" #10
You are bidding on both lenses and shutters. These lenses and shutters are in "as found" condition and have not been repaired or restored. The "Unicum" shutter appears to be working, however, the rear glass element to the un-named lens is missing. The "Challenge" shutter also appears to be working, thisis fitted with a "Beck Symmetrical Lens". Both ...  More
Taylor Hobson Cooke 40mm f2 Speed Panchro Arriflex Mount Cine Lens Angenieux
Taylor Hobson Cooke 40mm f2 Speed Panchro Arriflex Mount Lens Serial#50640 *lens relisted due to a nonpaying bidder* Please read the description carefully and look at all the photos Condition: Lens is in Good Used Condition. Glass: Lens has no scratches, fungus, or separation. Lens has light internal dust and light internal haze Barrel: In good use ...  More

2 x Vintage ~ "Thornton-Pickard" "Time" and "Time & Inst." Shutters #5
Vintage ~ "London Stereoscopic Co. Rapid Rectilinear" Lens with Cap #8
Vintage LEICA Tele-Elmarit M 90mm f/2.8 Lens CANADA
Vintage ~ "Thornton-Pickard" "Time & Instantaneous" Shutter #2

8 x Vintage ~ Brass & Alloy Lens Mounting Rings
Vintage ~ "Rodenstocks Bistigmat 13/18" Lens with Mounting Ring #2
Vintage ~ "Ensign Anastigmat" "Series II No.0" Lens & "Bausch & Lomb" Shutter #1

Hugo Meyer Trioplan 100mm f/2.8 EXAKTA EXA mount lens
3 x Vintage ~ Shutters inc. Two "Thornton-Pickard" "Time & Inst." #7
2 x Vintage ~ "Thornton-Pickard" "Time & Inst." Shutters #8
2 x Vintage ~ "Thornton-Pickard" "Time & Inst." Shutters #10