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Kodak 1A Autographic Pocket Folding Camera art deco original stylus ca. 1921
eBay This includes the very hard to find stylus.116 film size. Kodar 131mm f7.9 lens, Kodex Shutter. Patent dates from 1913 through 1921.The back of the body looks close to new, the leather looking almost perfect. There is a little lifting of the leather around the Autographic port handle, easily re-glued. The rest of the body and handle leather is ...  More
1935 Art Deco Agfa Ansco PB 20 Tripar Folding Camera Original Box & Instructions
eBay This camera was extremely well preserved over the years and in fact is still with original box, instructions and hardware (as shown in pics). Upon inspection you will find that the camera body and bellows are in extremely good condition considering age. The lens looks good but has not been cleaned or serviced in any way since estate procuremen ...  More
Turf 6x4.5 Sida Art Decobakelite folding German camera CLA works VERY RARE
eBay Turf 6x4.5 Sida Art Decobakelite folding German camera CLA works VERY RARE If you wonder why I have same shipping to European union like for rest of world it is thetherefore because for these sales needs to be paid VAT to government. There is no option in ebay software how to set it I am using part of shipping charge (and still loosing on sale ...  More
Kodak Six-16 Brownie Art Deco Camera
eBay This is a Kodak Six-16 Art Deco Brownie Camera. The shutter appears to be working but I am not sure about the rest. It is roughly of 1933 vintage. It takes type 616 film. What you see in the images is what you get. We package professionally and will combine to save on shipping cost. We are also interested in your used Photo Equipment. Please m ...  More

Art Deco Camera Kodak 620 Duo /Carl-Zeiss Jena Nr.2327861 Tessar 1:3.5 f=7.5cm
eBay Old Vintage Kodak Duo 620 Art Deco Camera w/Carl-Zeiss Jena Nr.2327861 Tessar 1:3.5 f=7.5cm in Original Leather case A Kodak Duo 620 Series I, with serial #237481, made in Germany. The lens is a Carl-Zeiss Jena Nr.2327861 Tessar 1:3.5 f=7.5cm 1:4,5 F=7,5cm with front lens focusing. The negative format on film type 620. This Art Deco camera see ...  More
Agfa Ansco Folding Camera Art Deco Folding Camera
eBay Selling this camera as decorative piece Camera hasn't been tested with film Sell as is
Old Art Deco Bakelite KODAK JIFFY V.P. 127 FILM Folding Bellows Camera
eBay Old Art Deco *** Bakelite KODAK JIFFY V.P. Uses 127 FILM Nice Folding Bellows Camera Shutter Works smaller part of viewer is sprung back See Photos As Is
1933 Art Deco Canadian Kodak Six-20 Folding Camera Nickel & Black Lacquer
eBay 1933 Canadian Art Deco Kodak Six-20 Folding Camera MADE IN CANADA This listing is for a 1933 Art Deco Kodak Six-20 Folding Camera MADE IN CANADA. The camera shutter and iris work however the camera has not been film tested. The inside finish of the camera is well above average. The same is true of the exterior of the camera with the exception ...  More

No. 1A Gift Kodak Folding Camera + Art Deco & cardboard boxes + instructions!

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