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Antique Camera Collection KODAK ADS 1886-1923 - MANY
The Most Extensive Collection of KODAK Advertisements 1886 - 1923 VINTAGE Images $8 for all 521 Ads Lowest Price for SIMILAR OFFERS found elsewhere on eBay, guaranteed. FREE U.S.A. shipping included. You will receive these on a CD, everything sorted out and labeled. No cameras or anything else included. We have this wonderful private collection and ...  More
Make a Wet Plate Sliding Box Camera, for Daguerreotype or Collodion Photography
I made wet plate cameras for quite some time, shipping my handmade cameras all over the world. To see some of my work, visit my website by googling "Guillory Cameras." The sliding box camera is a very early camera design dating back to the daguerreotype era, though it can be used for any of the plate photography methods. The all-wood construction l ...  More
Making the Traditional Wet Plate Camera; Collodion, Dry Plate, Daguerreotype
I made wet plate cameras for quite some time, shipping my handmade cameras all over the world. To see some of my work, visit my website by googling "Guillory Cameras." This is a very comprehensive book on building a historically-correct bellows camera for plate photography. It takes you through all the basic stages of the base, standards, bellows, ...  More
Antique 1896 Pocket KODAK miniature box camera with manual and case!!
THIS IS WHAT YOU'RE BIDDING FOR: Here's a classic antique Pocket Kodak miniature box camera, the Model of 1896, made by the Eastman Kodak Company of the USA, for 1 1/2 x 2 inch exposures on old #102 roll film. It's in EXCELLENT overall condition, featuring gorgeous pebble grain leather exterior covering and fine wood interior, and it's still 100% f ...  More

"RED" VINTAGE ENSIGN METAL CAMERA with case Unusual in Red ? looks in very very good used condition i have not tested the camera in anyway ( not a clue how to ? ) but seems to be little used and well looked after ?
1930’s Art Deco Kodak Beau Brownie with box
Elderly gentleman liquidating camera collection. See my other auctions for more fantastic Leica, Exakta and binoculars. Fantastic little find. Neat blue and aqua themed Brownie is very clean, shutter works fine as would be expected. Condition is very good for camera, box is another story as the cover is in pieces, but still included, of course. Wou ...  More
Yashica MAT-124G
Yashica MAT-124G You are bidding on a Vintage Yashica MAT 124G Camera. It is in great shape but has been untested. Please examine each photograph for detail and condition. Thank you for supporting the Salvation Army and happy bidding! Payment Terms Shipping Terms Communication PayPal is the only method of payment we accept In the event payment has ...  More
Rare PHILIPS Flash Box Camera, 1950s, Bakelite. Perfect.
Rare PHILIPS Flash Box Camera, 1950s, Bakelite. Perfect. Good working and in a perfect condition (no chips in the Bakelite parts). Attractive design. For 6x6cm images on standard 620 roll film. This camera was made by Philips Bulbs Works in Eindhoven Holland in a limited quantity. This Philips flash box is even rare here in Holland and much sought ...  More

Eastman Camera Patent Art Print READY TO FRAME!!!! George 1887 1st Box First
Blair Camera Co Boston Wood Camera
Houghton Ensign Fulvueflex Synchroflash 120 Film Viewfinder Box Camera c.1957-59
A rare, UK-made Coronet Ambassador box camera for 120 rollfilm, from 1950s

Altissa Altissar Periskop 1:8 box vintage camera + original leather case "mint"
300 A to Z Camera ADS From 1888-1940 CD $11
Box Camera Lot, 1 Ansco and 2 Kodak - 1 is Red Rainbow Hawk-Eye

A rare, UK-made Coronet F-20 Coro-Flash box camera for 120 & 620 rollfilm, 1950s
Vintage Ansco Readyflash Camera Lot of 2 UNTESTED (P2/1)
Ansco Shur Shot Box Camera Film Vintage Antique 1940 1950 Made in USA
A rare Braun Paxina I Box Camera for 120 rollfilm, with case, 1950-54