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Antique Camera Collection KODAK ADS 1886-1923 - MANY
eBay The Most Extensive Collection of KODAK Advertisements 1886 - 1923 VINTAGE Images $8 for all 521 Ads Lowest Price for SIMILAR OFFERS found elsewhere on eBay, guaranteed. FREE U.S.A. shipping included. You will receive these on a CD, everything sorted out and labeled. No cameras or anything else included. We have this wonderful private collectio ...  More
Make a Wet Plate Sliding Box Camera, for Daguerreotype or Collodion Photography
eBay I made wet plate cameras for quite some time, shipping my handmade cameras all over the world. To see some of my work, visit my website by googling "Guillory Cameras." The sliding box camera is a very early camera design dating back to the daguerreotype era, though it can be used for any of the plate photography methods. The all-wood construct ...  More
Making the Traditional Wet Plate Camera; Collodion, Dry Plate, Daguerreotype
eBay I made wet plate cameras for quite some time, shipping my handmade cameras all over the world. To see some of my work, visit my website by googling "Guillory Cameras." This is a very comprehensive book on building a historically-correct bellows camera for plate photography. It takes you through all the basic stages of the base, standards, bell ...  More
Eastman Camera Patent Art Print READY TO FRAME!!!! George 1887 1st Box First
eBay Quality Reproduction of the original US Patent for the CAMERA!! George Eastman invented the camera in 1887. Each sheet of the patent is reproduced on 8.5" by 11" Antiqued Parchment Paper, and includes the Drawing sheet and the Description Sheet shown. OWN AN AMAZING PIECE OF HISTORY!!! READY TO FRAME!!!

eBay ESTATELOTOFFOURCAMERAS~ VINTAGE KODAK BOX CAMERAS ~KODAK BULLET CAMERA HOLIDAY FLASH (in BROWN)BROWNIE HAWKEYEandENGLISH (UK) BROWNIE 127Here for your examination is an estate lot of Kodak Box Cameras circa1930s to 1950s (or 60s). They are in used vintage condition...a fineway to start a collection or a great set to display. Great conversation ...  More
Altissa Altissar Periskop 1:8 box vintage camera + original leather case "mint"
eBay Altissa Box is a medium format box camera made by Eho-Altissa and introduced in 1951. The Altissa Box was a nice new variant of Altissa's characteristic line of box cameras. It was launched one year before the company became the state-owned VEB Altissa Camera Werk. It uses 120 roll film and picture size 6x6cm. Two flat knobs below the lens wer ...  More
No.4 Bulls-Eye Special Eastman Kodak Company Model of 1899 #5487 Wooden Camera
eBay Kodaks Vinyl is Discolored and Worn Due to Age, Metal What little there is on it is in Good Shape, The Wood on this Camera is In Good Shape, No Breaks or Bust, Missing 1 Knob, No Film, Untested. We Will describe Item to Best of our Ability + Point out any Problems or Issues we see - But We May Miss Things __SO__ All Cameras & Lenses Sold A ...  More
300 A to Z Camera ADS From 1888-1940 CD $11
eBay The Most Extensive Collection of Photographic Advertisements 100's from 1888-1940 Vintage Images Only $11 for all Ads Delivered on CD This particular grouping of ADS is not to be considered high resolution. Some are 2nd generation. They are offered on this CD for this historical and graphical importance. This is a reproduction of the actual si ...  More

VINTAGE Kodak Brownie Hawkeye Flash Model Camera - No Flash - Not Tested
Argus Argoflex Seventy-Five 75 Vintage Antique Photo Camera
Polaroid Camera US Patent Art Print READY TO FRAME! Edwin Land Instant 35mm 1948
Vintage Brownie Target six-20 box Camera With Original Box

Kodak No 2 Bulls-Eye Box Camera—Early! ‘96 Model
Tower Vintage Camera Model 7 / 120 by sears and roebuck
NOS Vintage CLIX-O-FLEX Camera, original Box, Manual; Unused Condition Reflex
Antique No. 2 Bulls Eye Kodak Model D circa 1910

Kodak Petite in Original Outer Box Case and Instruction book, plus roll film.
Ilford 1574577 HP5 Plus, Black and White Print Film, 35 mm, ISO 400, 36 Exposure
Vintage Kodak Duaflex Camera 620 Film Kodet Lens with Original Box
The smallest box camera ever made by Kodak, the Premo No.00