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VINTAGE ANNIVERSARY SPEED GRAPHIC CAMERA 3 1/4 X 4 1/4" w/ Kodak lens & shutter
From what I have seen listed, this is in great shape for a camera from the 1940s. Everything turns, slides & rotates etc. The Kodak shutter appears to be fairly accurate. The 1 second speed sounds like 1 second. The rest of the speeds appear to increase as you change the setting. The diaphragm is smooth with no oil. The lens optics were cleaned ...  More
VINTAGE 'GRAFLEX' Camera & Leather Case, Light Meter'..German...unique piece!
VINTAGE 'GRAFLEX' Camera & Leather Case, Argus Light Meter..German..! A unique piece. Ideal for your collection. Acquired from a local estate sale. Thanks for your interest!
Mint Graflex 4X5 Crown Graphic Press Camera w/ Prinz f/5.6 150mm Lens
Hello, I have sold many of these and none were in this condition, this is really nice, please see photos. Body mounted shutter release still works great. Lens is in great condition as well. This will be a great addition to anyone's collection, or for use. This will come with 7 film holders. Thanks for looking, Mike. On Apr-15-14 at 21:08:01 PDT, se ...  More
Gentleman Focusing Large Format Graflex 1910's 16x20 Photographic Print
1000042. 16x20 photographic print. Printed On Fuji archival heavy weight paper.Free shipping in the U.S.! Visit My eBay Store: Forgotten Images

Vintage Graflex Graphic View 4X5 Monorail Camera W/Lens, Red Bellows & Hard Case
Vintage Graflex Graphic View 4X5 Monorail Camera W/Lens, Red Bellows & Hard Case You are looking at a Graflex Graphic View 4 X 5 Monorail Camera which comes with lens, red bellows and its hard case. This camera is a great large/medium format camera for a beginner or an experienced photographer. It’s smaller and lighter than the more expensive ...  More
Vintage Graflex Century Graphic Camera Zeiss Tessar 3.5 100mm Lens Kalart
Welcome to JoeDaWolf's Auctions! Vintage Century Graphic Graflex Camera with Kalart Synchronized Range Finder This auction is for a vintage Century Graphic Graflex camera with a Kalart Synchronized Range Finder. It has a Carl Zeiss Tessar 1:3.5 f=100mm lens. camera with a Kern-Switar 1:1.8 50mm lens. The serial number is 514402. The viewfinder is c ...  More
Speed Graphic 4x5 Large Format Film Camera 135mm Optar Lens Graflok Back
A Great Find For You! Looks Even Better In Person Speed Graphic 4x5 Camera 135mm Optar Lens Graflok Back What a fabulous find for you Body #923212 135mm 4.7 Optar #G26188 In nice condition but needs some TLC. Lens working well at all speeds. Has flash synchro attached. Rails in the body need tightened down. Rear viewfinder lens is missing. Inner cu ...  More
Graflex Super Speed Graphic Camera f/4.5 - 120 Roll Film Holder + Extras- Mint
A really excellent find - graflex super speed graphic large format 4x5 photography pressman studio camera in mint condition - comes with original boxes - I bought this at an estate sale and am selling it exactly as I bought it - a must see for camera collectors or anyone looking for the most proper way to enter large format photographyIncludes: The ...  More

Graflex Speed Graphic w/ flash film holders, 120 adapter, filters much more
4x5 Graflex Graphic View Folding Camera - 1940's

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