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Vintage GRAFLEX SPEED GRAPHIC 4x5 Press Camera KODAK 127mm w/ Case Accessories
Please scroll down to see very long series of photos Up For Auction - Estate Sale Fresh VintageKodak GraflexSpeed Graphic Press 4x5 Film Press Camera with Case and Accessories Has Kodak 127mm Ektar Lens Lens and aperture blades very clean Shutter works F stop works All Shutter speeds work1/400th down to 1/10th of a second Remote shutter release wor ...  More
Graflex 22 Press Camera and Display Tripod
Black Cat Bone Vintage brings you this 1936-1939 Speed Graflex Press Camera with pictured display tripod. This item is very good to excellent condition. The lens: Kodak Ektar F 4:5 101mm is clear. The shutter works appropriately but has not been tested professionally. The bellows and rear drop cloth are in excellent condition. Please note these ite ...  More
4x5 Graphic View Monorail Camera With Case And Accessories
Terrific example of Graflex GraphicView 4x5 large format camera with case and accessories. Lens board mounted with Kodak no. 32 anastigmat F-4.5 6 3/8 lens. Bellows intact with no leaks. Adjustable lens and focal boards. Includes tripod mount, arm and vulcanite case! Entire camera body in great shape with very few mars or scratches. Accessories inc ...  More
Graflex Century Graphic Camera Kalart Range Finder Kodak Ektar Lens & Flash Set
This is a Graflex Century Graphic Camera, Serial No. 516516. It features a Mahoganite case, Kalart synchronized range finder, Kodak Flash Supermatic, & Ektar f:4.5 101mm lens. It comes in its original Graflex Vulcanoid Handicase, along with 2 Graflex Precision 120 Roll Holders, 3 Kodak lenses (2 plain replacement lenses and one green lens), a K ...  More

Graflex Speed Graphic Vintage Camera
Up for auction is a Graflex Speed Graphic vintage camera. We originally purchased this camera from someone looking to get rid of his old stuff because we were excited to find something this old in great shape. However, we are not familiar with vintage cameras, and there is surely someone else that could make better use of it than we can. This comes ...  More
Folmer & Schwing R.B. Auto Graflex 4x5 Camera Voigtllander Braunschweig Skoper
Appears to be in good collectable condition. All the mechanisms seem to be working. The lens is very clear and scratch free. Camera made in USA. Lens made in Germany. A very good looking collectable antique camera.
Vintage Speed Graphic 4x5 Camera Folmer Graflex Anniversary or Miniature Model ?
Vintage folding Speed Graphic by Folmer Graflex Corp. Rochester, NY, USA. Comes w/ everything seen in pics - camera, case, lens filters, etc. The shutter speed plate dates the camera to 1928-45. Looks to have the Anniversary winding mechanism. The Kalart range finder is a side mount, which I understand was replaced in 1955 with a top mount model. K ...  More
RARE+EXCELLENT Graflex Crown Graphic 2 1/4 X 3 1/4 camera & 101/4.5 Ektar len
The Rare Graflex Crown Graphic 2 1/4 X 3 1/4 View larger format camera with Kodak 101/4.5 Ektar len are +excellent condition. The cosmetic is +excellent. The below is near mint. The screen is clean. The aperture and speed of len works in order from B, T, 1-400s. The optical len is excellent. Please, check the pictures and asking before bidding the ...  More

RB Graflex Kodak Antique Camera Owned By Cabot Coville Foreign Service Officer

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