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Vintage GRAFLEX Speed Graphic 3 1/4 X 4 1/4 Camera Body w/ 3 Sheet Film Backs
Here's an Excellent Vintage Graflex Speed Graphic Camera Body--- great for you collection or with a little work to shoot with! It takes single sheet film holders (actually two per holder) or a Film Pack Holder. It is very clean with just a little wear... mostly to the exterior leather. The interior bellows is in Excellent Condition--- no tears, hol ...  More
What I have for you today is a Graflex Stereo Graphic camera and Graphic Stereo Viewer. This Camera and Viewer was part of my personal collection which I am now liquidating. Both items come from and smoke and pet free home. DESCRIPTION / CONDITION Twin f4 35mm Graflar lenses. This basic camera has fixed focus 35mm f4 Graflar Lens. Graflex Stereo Gr ...  More
Vintage Speed Graphic Special Folding Camera  [GRAFLEX}  Excellent Condition
FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION THIS SPEED GRAPHICS {GRAFLEX} Camera is in excellent it has all the Bells and Whistels , IT HAS ITS FLASHER ,LEATHER CASE AND,FOTAC FILM HOLDERS 6 OF THEM ILL Answer all QUESTIONS. high bidder to pay 45.00
*Very Rare* Vintage Leather Graflex 35 Film Camera Case 8808
Description Appearance:Please check the photo carefully!! It has light scratch on the apperance. There are no big dent/scratch which should be mentioned specially. Function:(Flash,Filmback,Neck strap,Hood,Front/Rear cap,Accessories, etc. ) It can use this product without problems. If there is a problem, it's mentioned.Please do not trade worry. ...  More

Graflex Speed Graphic Camera with Rare 1938 Carl Zeiss Lens F3.5
Lens is a 1938 Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar f:3.5 f=10.5cm Glass is in great condition. Serial Number:2411077
84mm Graflex Photorecord f/5 #894140 ID Camera Wollensak USA
Used, dusty, clunky and funky. Not sure what it was used for . Not sure if it works. Someone out there in ebayland might have knowledge about this camera but I have no idea. Please see photos and bid accordingly
Graflex Crown Graphic 2x3 w/Raptar 65mm f6.8 lens in very good condition!
Nice Baby Crown Package,Raptar 65mm f6.8 and Raptar 90mm f6.8 lenses,2 roll film backs one standard the other "22" Graphic.5 film sheet holders and a viewing back.All in very good condition!Good Luck.
Vintage National Graflex II
Vintage camera. Whats the most important thing with this camera is that the shutter is on working condition, and the curtain is also excellent. I dont know, however, if the speeds are accurate, although they sound like they are. Some of the leatherette has peeled off over the years. The focusing is smooth, lens is clean, some minor scruffs on the p ...  More

RB AUTO GRAFLEX CAMERA 3¼ x 4¼ Large Format SLR & 5x7 Tessar Ic LENS & FILM PACK
Vintage Graflex 22 Model 200 with lens cover

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