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Custom Made Bellows Vintage Folding Camera Zeiss Ikon Kodak Retina Agfa Ensign
Custom Made 120 Vintage Folding Camera Bellows Item Description Replacement Bellows For Vintage 120 Folding Camera Free Worldwide Shipping By Trackable Registered Airmail Custom made replacement bellows for any kind of Vintage 120 folding camera, such as Kodak Retina, Zeiss Ikon, Agfa Isoltte, Voigtlander Bessa, Ensign Ross etc......, the largest s ...  More
Vintage Designer Wooden Camera with Tripod Retro Look Nautical Home Decorative
Antique Style Vintage Folding Camera reproduction / decorative model The view camera is a type of camera first developed in the era of the daguerreotype (1840s-'50s) and still in use today, though with many refinements. This vintage reproduction look a camera but it is not functional.It is replica model. Beautifully handcrafted decorative camera re ...  More
Stunning Ica / Zeiss Ikon 10x15cm 'Tropica' Tropical Plate Camera Outfit c.1926
The Ica Tropica truly deserves it's name as a tropical camera. It was built for serious work in difficult climates. The body is made of top quality teak and it is extensively reinforced with matt nickel plated brass. The hood to the viewing screen is teak rather than leather and has it's own reinforcing strips. All the screws fixing the various ite ...  More
1885 Marion Whole Plate Stereo Tailboard Camera * Mahogany & Brass * Excellent
Make sure to check out all of my auctions after you've looked at this one. I'm listing another eclectic selection of antiques and collectibles, and I suspect that there will be something of interest to just about everybody. Here's a beautiful 130-year-old stereo whole plate camera manufactured in London by Marion & Co. As you can see in the pho ...  More

Vintage Improved Seneca 8x10 View Camera Brass Wood Slides Antique 1904 NR
Antique Improved Seneca View Wooden Camera.I know nothing about these but will describe as best I can. It is large, approx. 10 X 12 by 16 inches when extended. The wooden slides? are about 8 X 10. There are 4 of them. Also an extra wood frame with the tracks like the bottom plate. The bellows look good ( a little dirty). The lens board I dont think ...  More
Marion & Co. French English 19thC Antique Mahogany & Brass Plate Camera & Lenses
An 'Augustin Marion & Co', Anglo-French 19th Century Antique Mahogany & Brass ''The Ultra'' Plate Camera & AccessoriesA scarce 'Marion & Co' Anglo-French plate camera, lenses and accessories plus case, from the late 19th Century, which may be of interest to collectors.Manufactured by Marion & Co. Ltd, 22-23 Soho Square, London.T ...  More
1886 Scovill Antique Wood Plate Camera * Mahogany & Brass * Exc. w/Original Lens
Make sure to check out all of my auctions after you've looked at this one. I'm listing an eclectic selection of museum quality antiques and collectibles, and I suspect there will be something to interest just about everyone. Here's a 5 x 8 plate camera manufactured in the late 1880's by Scovill Mfg Co. in New York. The camera is original throughout ...  More
Classic Gandolfi 5x4in plate camera in brass & mahogany
Gandolfi 5x4 inch field camera with four dark slides. The Gandolfi company was founded in 1885 by Louis Gandolfi and survived until the 1990's. It was the last of the classic British camera making companies who made high quality cameras by hand in very small quantities. All woodwork and brass-work was made in-house and most cameras were made to ord ...  More

1893 Lancaster Antique Wood Plate Camera * Rare Aluminum "Pocket Instantograph"
1860's Victorian Graphoscope w/Glass Slide * Burled Walnut & Mahogany * A Beauty
A Marion & Co Stereo Soho Reflex Camera - Kershaw Australian Retailer
Rare ~ Vintage ~ c1920 ~ "Ihagee Tropen-Photoklapp Neugold" Tropical Camera

Rare ~ Vintage ~ c1910 ~ "The Midland Camera Co. Ltd" 1/2 Plate Camera
Vintage~ c1910 ~ "Houghton" - "Triple Victo" - 1/2 Plate Camera
Vintage ~ c1890 ~ "Perken, Son & Rayment" "Optimus" Full Plate Camera
Vintage ~ c1910 ~ "Houghton"(?) "Boots Special" 1/2 Plate Camera

Voigtlander Alpin Folding Camera 1914
Graflex Super Speed Graphic 4x5 Press Camera ~ Loaded Bundle!!
Rochester Cycle Poco No.2 1891 Folding Camera Outfit Bausch Lomb Lens Unicum