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4x4 Sepia B Glass Filter - Panavision type with Tiffen 4x4 case
eBay Glass 4x4 Sepia B filter (equal to a Sepia 2) made by Harrison and Harrison which produced filters for Panavision. This is not a "resin" filter which can scratch. It is made from the highest grade of optical glass. This filter is in excellent condition and comes with a blue Tiffen 4x4 filter case as shown. If you see a spec on the filter - it ...  More
panavision 4x6 graded netural density filter .9 these are made by tiffen. 35mm
eBay Panavision 4x6 neutral density filter for a matt box. .9 ( 3 stops from dark to light) 4mm thick glass. in perfect as new condition with soft pouch. Picture shows two, but I am only selling one for now. Shipping by Priority mail or Fedex
PANAVISION PSR 200 35mm Studio Camera Serial Number #150
eBay ICE-MTE is pleased to present for your pleasure another PANAVISION ICONIC PSR-200 Serial Number 150 The "Godfather" and several of "Woody Allen's" films. (Letter of Authentication available) 35mm Blimped Studio Cine Camera System From the Golden Age of Hollywood! If you require a quality 35mm Panavision PSR-200 for Display look no further! Tak ...  More
Panavision Type 400 Foot 65mm Motion Picture Camera Magazine rare!
eBay ICE-MTE is pleased to present for your bidding pleasure a: Panavision Type 400 Foot Capacity 65mm Film Camera Magazine Designed to be used with an Panavision type Cameras It is sold very good used condition. Only the items mentioned on this page are included in the offer. Only What is in the photo is on offer/ Use the "BUY OT NOW" Option and g ...  More