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Custom Made Bellows Vintage Folding Camera Zeiss Ikon Kodak Retina Agfa Ensign
eBay Store category Sign Up Now ! You may also like Custom Made Bellows Vintage Folding Camera Zeiss Ikon Kodak Retina Agfa Ensign Product Description Replacement Bellows For Vintage 120 Folding Camera Free Worldwide Shipping By Trackable Registered Airmail Custom made replacement bellows for any kind of Vintage 120 folding camera, such as Kodak Re ...  More
C. 1885 Rochester Optical Wood Camera Outfit w/Dark Cloth, Tripod, Stops & Case
eBay I think it's safe to say that if -- after checking out all my listings this week -- you can't find anything that interests you, you either aren't really looking, or there's nothing in the world that you find interesting anymore. I've put together what's probably my largest, best, most diverse and cleanest assortment of mechanical, technologica ...  More
Antique Retro Film Studio Wooden Camera Folding Old Vintage Photography Replica
152727724688 Antique Style Vintage Folding Camera reproduction / decorative model The view camera is a type of camera first developed in the era of the daguerreotype (1840s-'50s) and still in use today, though with many refinements. This vintage reproduction look a camera but it is not functional.It is a replica. Beautifully handcrafted decorative ...  More
Marine Vintage Old Film Folding Camera Decorative Table Desk Studio Collectibles
192087054797 Old Folding Camera Lens Replica Theater About the product : Beautifully handcrafted decorative camera replica to be used as a collectible item.We have made this item using black wood and Aluminum, polished to chrome finish.This is a replica model.It can be only for decoration purpose.Classic finish camera measures are length : 5 inches ...  More

Vintage Folmer Graflex Speed Graphic Camera w/ Carl Zeiss 115mm 4.5 + backs
eBay ANOTHER CRAZY ITEM FROM SLAPPYS VINTAGE Graflex Speed Graphic F Deckel shutter, Carl Zeiss 11.5 cm 4.5 lens Kalart Rangefider includes the backs pictured and other pieces pictured no other accessories included Description: you are bidding on the item picture. Condition: Looks in good shape. unable to test this camera. No dents or damage. will ...  More
Zeiss Ikon Ikonta A With Novar In Compur
eBay A nice 1930s Zeiss ikon Ikonta 7.5 cm f3.5 Novar I like this camera but never could get used to the body release on the left side. Shutter works. Focus is stuff but working. Sharp lens. Good chromeand it is a nice looking camera
Viigtlander Bessa 66 With 3.5 Color Skopar
eBay A very nice Voigtlander Bessa 66. I think this a pre-war camera as it is. It synced. Though the lens looks like the lens is coated. Or it it is an early post war camera made out of some earlier parts. Who knows but this is one of the better 6x6 cameras. Great viewfinder. Interesting but unknown bracket on the top of the camera. It was professi ...  More
RARE/VINTAGE Kodak Bantam Special 45mm CAMERA w Case 828 Film/Art Deco c1938
eBay RARE/VINTAGE Kodak Bantam Special 45mm CAMERA w Case 828 Film/Art Deco c1938 HIGHLY COLLECTIBLE IN EXCELLENT/VERY GOOD CONDITION HIGHLY COLLECTIBLE, VINTAGE KODAK BANTAM SPECIAL ART DECO STYLE PORTABLE CAMERA WITH 45mm EKTAR F2 LENS. Many consider this as "one of the most uniquely beautiful cameras of all time. This Vintage Kodak camera has a ...  More

KODAK No.3 Folding Brownie Model D- Film Camera 1905-15- Red Bellows-Very Nice
Rare Eastman Kodak Co Red Folding Bellows Camera No. 3A Folding Pocket Kodak

The Seroco Camera Company
Zeiss Ikon Ikonta B With Novar Lens. Pretty
Antique Folding Box Camera American Camera Jas H Smith & Co 1800's red Bellows
Kodak Vintage Camera

Vintage 1930's Glunz Hanover Germany Model 3 Folding Camera--No Reserve
Blair English Compact Reversible Back 5 X 7 Folding Wood Camera
Zeiss Ikon Ikonta 523/16 with Tessar f/3.5 Lens, Synchro Compur Shutter, & Case
Vintage Kodak No2 Folding Autographic Brownie Camera Project Piece