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Yashica Mat 124 G TLR medium format film camera vintage nice w/case works but...
eBay There's lots of good things about this camera but there are some important shortcomings/defects. The B speed is firing like 60th, it will not hold. The rest of the speeds are excellent firing within 1/3 stop. Lenses look free of cleaning marks but the taking lens has some cloudy droplets...? fungus. Not your typical cotton ball kind of little ...  More
Baby Rolleiflex TLR Camera with Twin Lens Carl Zeiss 1:2,8 f=6cm Vintage 1930s
eBay 1930s Baby Rolleiflex TLR Camera with Twin Lens; Carl Zeiss 1:2,8 f=6cm & Heidoscop-Anastigmat 1:2.8 f=6cm. In good working order with original leather case (some wear to case rear, see last photo) as pictured. Serial #522969
rolleiflex 3.5 xenotar with prism and waist level finders and rolleiflex strap
eBay You are bidding on a Rolleflex camera with 3.5 schneider lens. I used the camera many years ago for portraits and purchased the prism finder at that time. The waist level finder has been used very little. The camera fires at all shutter speeds. The only issue I had when shooting is that sometimes the camera would not reset to "1" when I loaded ...  More
[Vintage]Used Rolleiflex 2.8D TLR w/Planar 80mm f2.8 Carl Zeiss Twin Lens Camera
eBay Fotos reales No golpes Nr.2431077

Fashion Recesky 35mm Twin Lens Reflex TLR Holga Lomo Camera DIY Kit with Black
eBay Store category Sign Up Now ! You may also like Fashion Recesky 35mm Twin Lens Reflex TLR Holga Lomo Camera DIY Kit with Black Product Description Introduction:100% Brand new ,Never used, Fast Shipping !The Recesky DIY Twin Lens Reflex (TLR) Camera is a beautiful DIY (Do-It-Yourself) camera that represents everything that is lomo. We ly love th ...  More
Rolleicord V K3C Xenar 75mm f.3.5 with Leather Case *For Parts or Repair*
eBay For auction: Non-Functional Vintage Rolleicord Model V K3C with Schneider Xenar 75mm f.3.5 taking lens, popup finder, leather case and strap. Only what's in this description is included. Please see pictures for more details. CONDITION: Operational condition: It appears that both the shutter and the focus mechanism on this camera are broken. Fo ...  More
DIY TLR Twin Lens Reflex Camera 35mm Gakken Lomo Holga
eBay template_preview DIY TLR Twin Lens Reflex Camera 35mm Gakken Lomo Holga 100% Brand New in High Quality Focus: 47cm/18.33in Filming Distance: 50cm~ Lens: 28mm f/9.5 F-number: 6(open);12(close) Shutter: 1/125s Film: 135 Features: DIY Film Camera is a light-grabbing sport. Quick shutters, small apertures, fast subjects. The LOMO Film Camera uploa ...  More
Rolleiflex DRP DRGM Camera Franke & Heidecke Braunschweig | AZJL
eBay Rolleiflex DRP DRGM Camera Franke & Heidecke Braunschweig This item is sold as-is and has not been tested. What is included is the camera body and attached lens. The lenses do not appear to have any scratches or cracks. The film door does not open with ease. Thank you for looking! *Additional Pictures Upon Request

MINOLTA AUTOCORD RA +Chiyoko Rokkor 75mm f3.5 Lens TLR from JAPAN Camera
Rolleiflex 2.8c Tested w/film w/Zeiss Planar, Fleenor CLA and Maxwell Screen
Rolleicord DBP DBGM Camera Schneider Lens
Rolleiflex 3.5 DBP DBGM serial number 1257147  Automat Rolleiflex Model 4

Canon Demi EE17 Replacement Cover, Laser Cut - Recycled Leather
Vintage Mamiyaflex Twin Lens Reflex Camera
Yashica-Mat Twin Lens Copal-MXV Medium Format Camera Vintage Film Yashica Tested

Rolleicord v camera Rollei medium format
Rolleiflex Automat 6x6 Model K4B Ser. # 876246, 1939, AS/IS
Flexaret VII Meopta Czechoslovakia doubleformat MF TLR camera CLA Belar Prestor